Sunday, December 6, 2009

Regeneration: phase 1

As you may have noticed, i've changed the layout of this blog (some may have seen several changes). This is essentially phase 1 of the regeneration i was talking about.

I've been wanting a 3-column blog layout (with all the stuff about me, such as my profile, tags and blog archives, in one sidebar and all my links to other blogs and websites in the other) for a long time, so i am very, very pleased that Anne (of Existence is Wonderful) sent me the HTML for this one. :) (If you read her blog as well as mine - and if you don't, you should - you will probably already have noticed the resemblance.) I'm possibly going to tweak a few things so that it doesn't look like too much of a blatant clone of Anne's blog, as i think that's a little unfair on her - maybe some slight changes to some of the colours, and/or the little "arrow/bullet point" images (if and when i can work out how to do that), but i'm very happy with the basics of this layout - which means i'm happy enough with the appearance of this blog to start properly writing posts again.

(That's not necessarily to say that i will start posting regularly very soon, as aspects of my life are still in a significant state of upheaval - i'm potentially moving to another city either before or very soon after Xmas, which might leave me without internet access for a (hopefully short) period of time, and there is family stuff going on which is probably going to make Xmas itself... interesting. But my intent for January 2010, if not sooner, is to try to write more (and probably, much of the time, shorter) posts, and to cover at least some of the topics i've been meaning to, but not getting round to, blogging about for a long time - in some cases, since i started this blog, which is, unbelievably, almost 2 and a half years ago. What the hell happened to all that time?)

There's still more stuff i want to do - the link lists aren't quite finished yet (and here would be a good time to say - if you're reading this, and have a blog that i don't (yet) link to, but that you would like me to link to, and that fits into my general link categories, tell me about it! Or, for that matter, if you have a blog or website to recommend that isn't yours...), and at some point, i'd like to put together a custom header image, made up of a collage of a number of existing images (most of which i already have). For that, i need to learn how to use some image-manipulation software to do that, tho (i have GIMP, and am sure that that can be done with it, but for some reason how to do it doesn't seem to be in any of the easily findable online tutorials, so if you know how to do it and can explain it easily, then i'd like to hear from you...)

Also, i'd like feedback on the accessibility of this blog layout - does it work OK with screenreaders? How are the fonts and colours for people with things like Irlen's, colourblindness, or dyslexia? Are there any other accessibility issues that i have no idea about?

Anyway. Lots of posts planned. Hopefully will post some of them soon. I'll probably next do a link post to advertise some of the new-to-me blogs that i've discovered and been reading while i've not been actively blogging.


Adelaide Dupont said...

I like the headline brown and the design in general. (Shades of a particular colour seem to work better than two contrasting colours: unless you might be visually impaired).

The print is easy to read.

The three-column format works well.

The print could maybe be bigger, but there are ways to fix that in my browser.

urocyon said...

I like the color scheme--it's easy for me to read the brown text against the beige-tan background. It's not glary and jittering around on the screen. :)

As for the header image, I figured out at least one way to do the sort of collage I think you're talking about--without getting too complicated with layers--but am not sure I can explain how. :)

Make a new blank image, of the size you want. Open and resize the first image you want to use, select the area you want, then copy and paste it onto the blank new image. You should be able to move it where you want it. When it looks right, select "merge layers".

Move on to the next image you want to add to the collage, and repeat. Merging the layers in between pasting in bits, you can only reposition the newest piece--but I couldn't figure out a better way of doing it because working with too many layers confuses me!

There is probably a simpler way to do this, but I hope this at least gives you some help in finding one. ;)

Looking forward to seeing more posts again.

urocyon said...

I forgot to say that, piecing together an image by that rather cumbersome method, you'd better figure out how you want the images to overlap when you start. It's sort of like piecing a quilt.

It's been a while since I did that, so I don't remember if you can just select a portion of an image in a different window and paste it in, or if you have to save the bit you want into a separate file and open that file as a new layer in the collage image.

Socrates said...

Brown on beige is very easy on my eyes...

cripchick said...

oooh this is so easy for me to read! love it.