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More upcoming conferences

These are a few months ahead, but the deadlines for abstracts are soon (28th March for the July conference at Warwick and 4th April for both the conferences in September)... I'm hoping to go to all of them, and *possibly* to submit abstracts to them, although i'm not sure if i will a) think of things to write about and b) get round to submitting them before the deadlines. Anyway, i thought that, if anyone in the UK is reading, they might be interested...

Event: Postgraduate Disability Research: A Critical Space to Engage ~ An Interdisciplinary Disability Research conference

Date: Wednesday 13th July 2011

Venue: University of Warwick, UK

The event is sponsored by the British Sociological Association (BSA) as part of a series of events for postgraduate students, therefore postgraduate student researchers working in the broad field of disability are invited to present at the conference. Internationally renowned academics Professor Dan Goodley, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Professor Carol Thomas, University of Leeds, have been confirmed as keynote speakers.

The event is FREE to attend for British Sociological Association (BSA) members and £25.00 for non-members.

Critical Disability Studies: In concluding his ground-breaking work mapping the terrain for critical disability studies, Goodley (2011 p.157) asserts: ‘while critical disability studies might start with disability, they never end with it’. Whilst the journey might well be non-linear, along the way ‘intersections’ are encountered and engineered which ‘connect disability studies with other important agendas of class, feminist, queer and postcolonial studies’ (p.157). The literatures and debates surrounding disability continue to expand and diversify. And yet, these flows are happening against economic, social and policy backdrops which serve to further challenge the potentials for change. There is then, ever more, a need to open up spaces for transdisciplinary debate about the position and future(s) of critical disability studies. Postgraduate students addressing and engaging with these issues and debates are part of the vanguard of this work.

Conference aims and objectives: Critical Disability Studies is an emerging subfield within the UK, but collective and collaborative spaces within which to explore and interrogate its options are infrequently opened up. This conference will bring together postgraduate students, disability activists and professionals/practitioners to explore some of the key questions which connect to the embrace of a critical perspective to disability research. In particular, what kinds of critical disability researchers might we ‘be’ and how should critical disability studies research be ‘done’?

Issues and themes: We welcome papers that address issues, agendas and debates which take, at least broadly, a critical disability studies approach.

Topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

Concepts and their Re/Conceptualisations: ‘disability’, ‘impairment’, dis/ableism, as well as approaches based upon models, theories and ideological standpoint positions;

Performances of Power: artistic, cultural, political, poetic, ritual; protest and activism; violence/non-violence; politicized and contested spaces

Histories and Historical Ontologies: globalisation; colonialism and the postcolonial; empire; industrialization; materialism; gender; ethnicity; sexualities; time and memory.

Difference and Dialogue: single impairment through to collective disability identity emphases; identity; intersectionalities; diversity; subjectivities; individualism; normalisation

Bodies: impairment; embodiment; self and others; performativity; corporeality, materialization; discursive/transgressive/queer bodies; gendered/raced/classed/sexed bodies; cyborgs and hybrids

Action, Motivation and Practice: choice, desire, dependence/independence/co-dependence; freedom/constraint;

Methodology and methods: examples and experiences of empirical research taking approaches such as: critical; emancipatory; participatory; emerging;

Please submit a 300 word abstract or poster proposal accompanied by a 100 word biography to the conference organisers, Kirsty Liddiard and Simon Blake at criticaldisabilityspace@gmail.com.

Presentations must be no longer than 30 minutes inclusive of 10 minutes for questions. We would also like to welcome the submission of research posters. Posters must be between paper sizes A3 – A1.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 28th March 2011.

Click here for more information or contact the organisers: Kirsty Liddiard k.liddiard@warwick.ac.uk (University of Warwick) and Simon Blake lqxsb2@nottingham.ac.uk (University of Nottingham)

Event: Transformative Difference: Disability, Culture and the Academy

Date: Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th September 2011

Hosted by: Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University

Brief description: It is now widely recognised that a critical engagement with disability has the power to transform how we research and teach in a range of disciplinary areas – from education to medicine to the humanities and beyond. At the same time, conceptions of disability (and ability) are constantly changing, with shifting attitudes, new models, and the work of activists and educators to create a more equal society. This multidisciplinary conference seeks to explore how disability may function as a “transformative difference” in the academy, as well as how changing attitudes towards disability might have an impact on a range of subject areas. Keynote speakers include: Prof. Len Barton; Prof. Fiona Kumari Campbell; Prof. Dan Goodley and; Prof. Stuart Murray.In particular, the conference will explore the following issues:

* How might an engagement with the difference of disability challenge, enrich, or transform work in particular disciplines?
* How do changing attitudes towards and perceptions of disability affect research, teaching, and scholarship in different fields?
* How does the inclusion of a Disability Studies perspective transform disciplines which have not traditionally embraced this standpoint?
* What are the challenges of, or barriers to, engaging with disability (and Disability Studies) in disciplines that have not traditionally done so?

We welcome submissions for research strands or panels, group or individual papers and presentations in alternative formats. Suitable topics may include, but are not limited to:

* Disability and education (including teacher education, early years, further/higher education, and teaching and learning in Disability Studies)
* Disability and the humanities
* Disability in the sciences and social sciences
* Disability studies, medicine and health sciences

Abstracts (max 250 words) with a brief biography (max 150 words) are invited for submission by April 4th 2011. Papers from postgraduate students are especially welcome.

Enquiries to: Irene Rose at Liverpool Hope University: rosei@hope.ac.uk

Event: Critical Disability Studies Conference *Theorizing Normalcy and the Mundane* Conference 2011 *FREE!*

Dates: Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September 2011 ~ 10am-4.30pm each day

Venue: Geoffrey Manton Building at MMU, Chester Street, Manchester, M1 5GD.

Hosted by: A *FREE!* conference co-hosted by the Research Institute of Health and Social Change at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), University of Chester, University of Iceland, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto and Sheffield Hallam University.

Brief description: This two day conference builds upon the first, and hugely successfully. ‘Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane’ conference held in May 2010. It brings together an international group of researchers and calls for papers which will address diverse issues including:

* exploring the cultural and political production of normalcy
* addressing our obsession with reason and rationality
* connecting ableism with other hegemonies including heterosexism, racism and ageism
* analysing the barriers and possibilities of the mundane and extraordinary
* deconstructing new pathologies and ‘abnormalities’

Confirmed keynote speakers include Deborah Marks (Leeds, UK), Anat Greenstein (MMU, UK) and Fiona Kumari Campbell (Griffith University, Australia).

Our aim is for this conference to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome activists, undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners and academics to join us.

In the spirit of an eco-friendly conference, registered delegates will be sent an e-pack. Details of accommodation near the venue will also be sent to delegates.

As the conference is free, lunch and refreshments will be available for purchase at the University, if you wish. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements so we can make the restaurant aware of delegate requirements.

* Deadline for paper abstracts: 4th April 2011
* Deadline for attendance: 22nd August 2011

For the sake of ease, we are keeping the original email so please email abstracts and attendance to normalcy2010@hotmail.com


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Did I just loose a post there?

I have submitted to Warwick, as it is too close to home not to go there.

I won't be submitting anything for Liverpool, it is too far away and to close in time to MMU which I do have something planned for.

With autscape on the horizon, uncertainties over benefits and a fortune needing to be spent to get the car through it's MOT I don't have much going spare for attending conferences right now.

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